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Auê: Carnival Festival

Freedom, Brazilianness, Diversity and above all, LOVE. These are the flags present in the DNA of the party since its first edition. The brand always has different attractions, thinking about bringing together different audiences. At Auê, our commitments are joy and respect for plurality. 

A festival, in the middle of carnival, for you to smile, love, dance, hug, share and respect everyone! 

Who has already attended our festival: Duda Beat, Marina Sena, Alceu Valença, Gilsons, Majur, Baco Exu do Blues, Johnny Hooker, Silva, Jaloo, Letrux, Mc Tha, Toco-Xona, Amigos da Onça, New Kids On The Bloco , Minha Luz é de LED, Julio Secchin, Omulu, Àttøøxxá, Samba Que Elas Querem and much more!


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